Someone else will do it…

I arrived today at the garden nursery to pick up some soil. Over the last 12 months, I have been in the process of simplifying my garden to make it easier to maintain and to make it more welcoming to the next buyer. The main motivation for my projects at home is to add value to my property for the end goal of early retirement.

I digress. Back to the start…I arrived at the garden nursery to pick up some soil. In the car park, I came across something I see frequently and something that really grinds my gears. The shopping trolley left in the middle of a car space.


I parked my car and moved the trolley to the shopping trolley bay. The considerable distance of 30 feet.

This is one example of how inconsiderate some people can be. I see this also when eating at a food court. Rubbish bins are everywhere yet people chose to leave their garbage on the tables.


A friend of mine, who I love dearly but is a lazy bugger, got up from eating at a food court and started to walk away. Meanwhile, all his rubbish remained on the table. I called him back to pick up his rubbish. He said ‘Someone else will do it. That’s what they are paid for’. You know, in a way he was right. Someone else will do it. But is it their job? By default they have no choice.

Leave it for someone else to do it, or walk the 30 feet to put the trolley away. I guess it’s up to you.