Enjoying the moment…

It’s only the early days of my early retirement ‘project’ and I’m a long way from feeling overwhelmed, stressed, drained, jaded or depressed by the practicality of my impossible goal. My mind is almost constantly thinking of ways I can progress further financially, working on projects to scrape together a few dollars and researching details about retirement and living in Thailand. I’m finding it invigorating and exciting. Of course, in between that, I have my work commitments and general day to day tasks to complete.

I was in the middle of putting a load of clothes washing on today when I caught something out of the corner of my eye. In my fish pond (sans fish) was a single, beautiful flower. It was a vibrant pink in colour and I had to walk over and look at it more closely. I found myself just admiring the flower for several minutes. During those minutes, my mind was totally focussed on the flower and it’s beauty. No thoughts of work, money, my goals, jobs to do or anything else crossed my mind.


It was a moment of clarity and gave me pause to reflect that every soon often, you have to let yourself take a moment and appreciate what is around you. There are so many little things around you that make you smile, feel at peace and just lets you switch off the gears in the melon for a while. It doesn’t need to be a flower. It could be listening to your cat purr, the smell of your morning coffee or a refreshing breeze on a hot day. Whatever it is, enjoy the moment.

Don’t get so focussed on your goal that you forget to live.

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