Sugar vs Sugar – Which is sweeter to your pocket?

Though I have only recently been approaching frugality with focus, I have always had the approach that I (1) buy the best priced product if it is of comparable quality and (2) that I do not want to purposely give more money to large corporations to make them larger.

During a recent shop, I had to purchase some white sugar. I won’t name any brands but it was obvious that there was a huge disparity in cost. A 1 kilo branded sugar cost $1.90 and a generic brand cost $1.00. A further bit of research found that there were a number of different brands of sugar with prices varying from just under a $1.00 a kilo to $2.14.

Clearly, with this cost disparity, there must be a difference in the ingredients that make one superior to the other. Imagine my complete lack of surprise to find that the sole ingredient in every package was 100% cane sugar!

Perhaps where the sugar was manufactured resulted in the cost difference? An army of cheap labour from overseas maybe? No, they were all produced in Australia.

Finally, the taste must be considerably different, resulting in the significant extra for the branded product? Low and behold, the ones I have tried all tasted like…sugar! Go figure!

My only assumption is that I’m paying for a recognised brand name, which has yet to pay me for my loyalty, or that only less attractive sugar canes are harvested for the low price brands.

I reckon my money is better in my pocket than fattening someone elses. Look around and keep it to yourself.

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